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Water mist installations

A starting fire can be successfully combated with small extinguishers such as hand extinguishers and fire hose reels. But what if no one is present during the fire? Or if there is a "difficult" fire that is spreading rapidly? Or if preventing water damage is just as important to you as putting out the fire? In those cases, a water mist system is a good solution.

Water mist system or sprinkler?

There are many similarities between a water mist system and a sprinkler, but there are also important differences. Fortunately, you do not have to break your head about which installation is right for you – we will take care of that. We are happy to see whether a water mist system is the right choice for you, or whether a regular sprinkler system will serve you better.

Install a water mist system

A water mist system extinguishes very efficiently and is therefore extremely effective for fires that develop quickly. But an even bigger advantage is that the water damage is minimal. Water mist systems are therefore ideal for rooms with a high fire risk or vulnerable household effects, such as computer rooms, data centers, turbines, clean rooms, machine rooms and archive rooms. In all these cases, our experienced technicians expertly install a water mist system, without bothering you.

Experience the plus of Aqua+
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