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Aqua+ for Ukraine

Like many frustrated by the powerlessness and urge to do something, we have been collecting basic necessities for Ukrainian refugees among the employees of Aqua+ for the past 1.5 weeks. However, we lacked good opportunities to get the items to the right places in the border areas. Therefore, our director Bas-Jan and his wife Mirella left last Thursday with a bus to Warsaw to take the supplies there, make the necessary contacts and simply help where they could.
What they found there is truly heartbreaking. Mothers and young children with fear in their eyes in the shelters, exhausted, traumatized and not knowing what is coming next. And that while they had to leave the rest of the family behind, who are probably in even worse situations.
For us it is a news item, for others it is harsh reality. The least we can do now is to show solidarity, welcome people everywhere with open arms and support them wherever possible. And not just for the next few weeks, but for as long as this terrible situation continues.
Bas-Jan and Mirella have taken 2 mothers with 3 children back to the Netherlands. One of the mothers is staying with her daughter and the other with a host family in the neighborhood.
Every support helps to alleviate this enormous suffering.

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