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Aqua+ is the Dutch market leader in sprinklerinstallations. Our systems meet the highest quality requirements and offer optimum security. Many clients have now assured themselves of an Aqua + sprinkler system: from hospitals to shopping centers, from hotels to distribution centers, from industries to theaters.

Custom sprinkler installation

Sprinkler installations are available in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about which installation is the right one – we will take care of that. And because every situation has specific wishes, possibilities and limitations, we always make a customized design.


Installing a sprinkler system

You know a sprinkler system is necessary, but at the same time you are reluctant to install it. We can imagine because you do not exactly know what is coming your way. Our experienced engineers, better than anyone, know how to install an installation between all existing pipes, machines and people present. Your production process will not be disturbed by the installation and your people will hardly notice us.

Experience the plus of Aqua+
  • The fire specialist in the Netherlands
  • Design, installment and maintenance
  • Certified fire detection company
  • 24-hours service