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Fire sprinkler specialist since 1977

About Aqua+

Aqua+ is the Dutch market leader in the engineering, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems and other automatic fire extinguishment systems.


Quality, customer satisfaction and reliability are our priority. Aqua + is the first sprinkler installer in the Netherlands to be certified for the CCV certification schemes for Delivery and Maintenance to sprinkler installations. We are also in possession of the ISO-9001 and VCA ** certificate, carry the VSI quality mark and we are an active member of the corresponding VSI (United Sprinkler Installers)


Taking responsibility for the quality of our products and services is one of the supporting principles of Aqua +. The certification via ISO 9001 gives this accountability more value. In addition to guarantees for quality, Aqua + also takes responsibility for the consequences of its business operations for people and the environment.

Our history

Experience the plus of Aqua+
  • The fire specialist in the Netherlands
  • Design, installment and maintenance
  • Certified fire detection company
  • 24-hours service