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Central fire extinguishing water facility

More than once, a fire on a business site was found to not extinguish due to a lack of extinguishing water. A central fire extinguishing water system addresses this problem.

Customized fire extinguishing water system

Aqua + is the market leader in designing and installing central fire extinguishing water system. So you don’t have to break your head about which facility (and in which format) is the right one for you. Based on your unique situation and your customer-specific wishes, we make a customized design. You can also leave the installation of the fire extinguishing water to us.

Design and install a central fire extinguishing water system

A central fire extinguishing water system is independent of the water supply network thanks to it’s own water reservoir, pump system and pipeline network. That sounds impressive, but don’t be afraid: a central extinguishing water system is not an installation that you as an organization only have to purchase. On the contrary, it is intended as an installation to which several parties can connect, so that they all have sufficient fire extinguishing water in an emergency. Another important advantage is that the installation and maintenance costs for your individual sprinkler installation are lower because you do not need your own pump installation.

Experience the plus of Aqua+
  • The fire specialist in the Netherlands
  • Design, installment and maintenance
  • Certified fire detection company
  • 24-hours service