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Sprinklers to us, are the ultimate form of fire protection. They not only protect buildings, people and goods, but also the environment against the effects of fire. It is not without reason that we already made sprinklers our specialization in 1977.

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Fire alarm and evacuation systems

Good fire fighting starts with rapid identification. As a result, the fire brigade knows as quickly as possible that there is a fire and all those present can leave the burning building safely and on time. Aqua + is your partner for fire detection and signaling.

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Foam and extinguishing gas installations

When large quantities of flammable liquids or hazardous substances (PGS) are used in your organization, violent fires can occur in a short time. A normal sprinkler installation is not always suitable for this. A foam installation or extinguishing gas installation is. In other situations where water cannot be extinguished, such as data centers, an extinguishing gas installation can be the best form of fire protection.

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Water mist installations

What if no one is present during a fire? Or if there is a "difficult" fire that is spreading rapidly? Or if preventing water damage is just as important to you as putting out the fire? In those cases, a water mist system is a good solution.

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Centrale bluswatervoorziening

Central fire extinguishing water facility

Unfortunately we have heard too often that a fire was not extinguished due to a lack of extinguishing water. With a central extinguishing water supply you always have access to sufficient extinguishing water in the event of a fire. An additional advantage is the possibility to connect the sprinkler system to this joint water supply.

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Experience the plus of Aqua+
  • The fire specialist in the Netherlands
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